"She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars."
— Neil Gaiman, Stardust (1999)
"I remember awakening one morning and finding everything smeared with the colour of forgotten love."
— Charles Bukowski
"Love is a haunting melody that I have never mastered, and I fear I never will."
— William S. Burroughs
"Sometimes, I feel the past and the future pressing so hard on either side that there’s no room for the present at all."
— Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited (1945)
"Today in my heart
a vague trembling of stars
and all roses are
as white as my pain."
— Federico García Lorca
"I am alone here in my own mind.
There is no map
and there is no road.
It is one of a kind
just as yours is."
— Anne Sexton
"We sit and talk quietly,
with long lapses of silence,
and I am aware of the stream that has no language,
coursing beneath the quiet heaven of your eyes."
— William Carlos Williams
"Where am I? Who am I?
How did I come to be here?
Who is it that has lured me into the world?
Why was I not consulted?
And if I am compelled to take part in it, where is the director?
I want to see him."
— Søren Kierkegaard, Repetition (1843)
"If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me."
— Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Human existence is so fragile and exposed to such dangers that I cannot love without trembling."
— Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace (1947)