Atelier Brückner - Magic Box (2010)

Jennifer SteinkampJudy Crook (Projection on wall, 2012-13) Video here.

Squidsoup - Submergence (2013)

Submergence is a highly immersive, mixed reality experience that challenges perceptions of space and presence. Imagine walking through a virtual world, where pixels on a screen are replaced by thousands of points of light floating in space. Imagine that these points of light create environments, atmospheres and physical spaces that you can enter, affect and immerse yourself in.

With 8,064 points of light suspended in a physical walkthrough space, Submergence is the culmination of a five year research project exploring interactive media experiences that occupy physical space.

Previously - Ocean of Light

Jonathan Brilliant - The Sumter Piece (2007-08) - 60,000 coffee stir sticks woven in place and held by tension.

Squidsoup - Ocean of Light (2008-present)

Tamar Frank - Lampyris Noctiluca (500 LED lights, 2012)

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer - Flatsun (2011)

This interactive installation is a circular display that simulates the turbulence at the surface of the sun using mathematical equations. The piece reacts to the presence of the public by varying the speed and type of animation displayed. If no one is in front of the piece, the turbulence slows down and eventually turns off. As the built-in camera detects people, more solar flares are generated and the sun shows more activity. The piece consists of custom-made panels with 60,000 red and yellow LED lights.

Sébastien Preschoux - Lasers (Coloured string, 2009)

Jennifer Steinkamp - Dervish (Projection on wall, 2004-05) Video here.

Anya Gallaccio - Preserve Beauty (1991-03)